Rss Feeds

Today I am going to start with some assumptions.

1. You read the last post
2. You read my article

If you haven’t done #1 or #2 start there.

Now in my article, I talked about RSS feeds and how you should use them to keep track of everything is going on in the blogosphere. The next thing I chatted about was how to set up a blog. Again I am going to assume (you know what they say about assuming) that you have or will be shortly setting up a blog. If you are still on the fence – hop over to and read my post on Which blog for me?.

Once you have a blog set-up you are going to make sure that people can get your newest blog posts easily. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a feed for people to read using a feed reader – just like I suggested you do using Google Reader.

Blogger makes this easy… It automatically creates a feed for you in xml. It’s called an atom feed. Now if you look on this blog, at the bottom you can subscribe to this blog, if you click the link it shows you the feed and then you need to click one more link called “subscribe to this feed” then it adds it basically in your favorites. If you are using IE7 (which you should be) – open the favorites panel and click feeds. The feed will now be located there.

But thats only one way.

The most universal way is to create an RSS feed. And surprise, surprise it’s easy! Visit sign up for an account and then enter your url for you blog and burn a feed. Feedburner will now give you the url for your new RSS feed. Use this url to get people to subscribe…

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