Tweako – social media marketing site

Tweako is a social media site. And it works much like Digg but with a twist. Digg basically asks you to submit a link to the story. You are able to provide a title, description and a link to the original source.

The twist of Tweako is that every post or submission is approved by an editor. Tweako actually prefers to have articles submitted as opposed to links to news articles. Which benefits you as a user.

Currently Tweako gives user 30% of adsense revenue. Meaning that by submitting content to tweako you will get paid. Tweako is a user centered website, in which it actually pays to be a user.

The disadvantages obviously are that your content has to be original and grammatically correct ( which we all know is not my best quality) . So to submit content to Tweako would take some time and planning – not much like the other social media sites.

But just how tough is it to get content and traffic from Tweako. I am going to do a little experiment. I am going to submit my latest article – Contribute CS3 – A review and see how long it takes to get approved and then if I receive any traffic.

I will give you an update in a month.

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