You never know… some people

You never know – what you’re going get from some people. Yes this is a random thought.

Today I was surprised to find out a fairly well known design firm who is doing work for someone I know uses a student to produce there work.

Surprising here is how I think it works. The marketing and project managers produce pitch the project, very well in fact. As they have done many pitches. They marketing manager and project managers, come up with a great idea. They pass it to the graphic designer – who works within the same company. Once approved by client the design firm (supposed design firm) then passes it to a student to code. Which inevitably looks like a student coded it.

The end result, client is not satisfied with their website and the design firm loks stupid. Now why? I am not sure why a great design, now looks like garbage because that great idea now is nothing without a great design to showcase it.

It honestly just surprised me.

I found this out after doing some research on the company. Of course the company does not reveal to the client that they will be outsourcing the coding.

This post is obviously off topic, but I need somewhere to complain!

The lesson for small business owners: make sure you know the design firm you are dealing with.

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