Linking Building in 2007 – 2008

Link Building

In the past, I have been chatting about social media and how to market your website.

Well today, I am going to talk about link building and what we can do in 2008 to help increase our inbound links. First if you want to dig in deep, you should visit an article written by Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch titled: 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies( Note this is a fairly old post – so should only be looked at as old techiques)
If you haven’t noticed there hasn’t be alot about discussion about new link building techniques. Now I read a post a few days ago, unfortunately I can’t remember where that was, but it was a good post. Saying that either people aren’t talking about link building because no one has any new ideas or the people who know are keeping their mouths shut.

Chances are their are some new techniques, although I doubt everyone is able to keep quiet about it.

My opinion ( yes I have an opinion just like everyone else ) is that new linking strategies are getting harder and harder to come up with. For awhile everyone was into PPC. I am not too familiar with PPC simply because I don’t think we should have to pay for links or advertising on the net.

Maybe that’s because I am a freelancer/small business owner. You may notice that most of my techniques are free.

First before we get into what we can in 2008 to increase link building let’s go back and talk about some of the older techniques that were used.

Link exchanges

Link exchange is still a link building technique but as time goes on I believe this is getting harder. Just this week I received 3 requests for link exchanges for my directory – GVRD Horse Directory. Now the GVRD is a niche directory which focus’ on equine relates services in the Lower Mainland of BC. So I choose not to exchange links with sites that won’t benefit my user. So any website outside of my focus area is not included.

There are some benefits to link exchanges still although they are not as popular as before. They should however include a small percentage of your overall link strategy. Why you ask? Because with no link exchanges your linking strategy would seem unnatural.

Article Marketing

A year or two ago, this was the big thing. Write lots – get lots of links. I have personally seen a decline in the actual traffic received from this method, although I do not believe it should be excluded from your marketing strategy. Article marketing doesn’t only get links in, it can be used to gain authority on your subject, get readers to your blog and exposure of your business.

Comments on blogs with website urls

It used to be very popular to post comments on people blogs, and leave a link to your website. This still works on some blogs but for example with some blogs, they automatically add a no-follow tag to your link. . Also, nowadays, bloggers are requiring log – in to submit comments which is meant to keep out spammers. I am not sure if it keeps out the spammers but it keeps me out even for legitimate comments.

I will continue this post tomorrow…

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