Link Building in 2008 continued…

Link Building

In 2008, I don’t think people will be as successful with link exchanges anymore and article marketing might some what still work but, not as well as it has in the past.In 2008, I think it’s all going to be able getting mentioned or used as a resource and getting links into your website that way. For example. John blogs about Mike’s article and of course creates a link back to the original source. Once Mike sees that link, he checks out Mike’s site and see he has a an excellent glossary on his site and links to it.

I believe people feel better about giving links out because the websites out there now, are of much better quality. And thinking about it, if people aren’t buying links, aren’t using black hat strategies to get better SERP results and people are linking to each other freely, don’t you think the web would be a better more natural place?

Ok maybe that’s a little far fetched… but I think the power is in getting people to link to you freely. And I guess we will find out soon enough.

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