Your logo must … 5 things

Logo design tips

Before I start going on about how simple logos should be I have to mention that logo design is the most simple yet the most difficult part of design. Ok that and icon design!

We all have heard that logos are used to identify your business. They are not used to sell anything. Coupled along with branding the right logo can make your users remember your product/service.

Here is my quick list of the five things you need to remember when designing your logo or having some else design it.

1. Your logo must be simple

That’s right I said SIMPLE. If your logo has too many elements, it looks like chicken scratch. It needs to quickly show your business name and what you offering in a small simple image. Sounds easy right? WRONG. Logos are difficult and they take time and planning before even beginning to design them.

2. Your logo must be easily recognizable

If people are squinking to see if your logo is a box or a book, it’s not doing it’s job. If your selling books, you must use an image that represents book or reading. Make sure your business name is easily readable as well. It makes it easier for people to put two and two together.

3. Design the logo for use on everything

Plan ahead. Imagine your logo on your website, on mouse pads, letterhead, brochures, large signs, etc.. Also make sure it’s easy to make a logo in black and white. You never know when you are going to be using it or where you will be using it. The worse thing you want to do is create a logo and then find out it doesn’t work on a brochure because it’s too complicated. It’s best to take the time and spend the money initally and design it right. I recently had a client that wanted their logo redesigned.

The original was very tiny, unscalable and very very confusing. It was definitely one of the worse I have seen. The downfall on having it redesigned is that people might not recognize it after it has been re-designed. This client, they had their original logo for 10 years. After 10 years it is very hard to change their logo too much.

4. Your logo must fully represent your company

If you are a commercial bank, don’t use little cartoon characters for your logo. You get where I am going with this? Your logo should have the same feel that your company has. If you company is a full loving, laid back, partying place – you can do something fun. If your company is a big import/export company then you need something will a little more professionalism in it. I think you know what I mean.

5. Your logo must keep colors in mind

The colors you choose with your logo will also presumably be your business colors. You must keep in mind the feeling that each color communicates to customers. As with corporate logos most are red, blue or grey and very corporate colors. With those colors it tells us something about the company.

Keep this in mind when choosing logo colors.

Good luck on your logo design and if you have any questions or comments – please feel free to leave them.

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