Linked In – Is it for me?

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Originally I starting writing this post a few weeks ago, in review of the Linked In website and how it can be used as a marketing tool for small business owners. Funny enough I had forgot all about it.

Then today I was reading an excellent article over on Computer World about which site is better Facebook or Linkedin. Now of course I have a preference. So, I thought I could begin with a bit of background on Linkedin and then discuss what advantages it has over Facebook.

Linkedin background

Linkedin was launched in 2003 and has remained stable since then. It also has been improving during that time. The idea behind Linkedin was place where people could keep track and use their networks to their advantage.

The difference between Linkedin in Facebook mainly stands with their target audience and the third party apps. Linkedin has been targeting professional adults. While on the other hand Facebook started as a college only networking site. The other difference is the third party apps. The apps are a way for Facebook to keep users on their website. Facebook uses a closed method of social networking as they have not been open to allowing people off their website. Linkedin does not allow third party applications to be developed. To me this is a definitely a plus. I am not a fan of all those annoying things you have to add and remove from your profile.

Linked in allows you to get in, add contacts, keep track of them and see who else your close network knows. I find this specifically useful, if I am interested in speaking with someone, who I don’t directly know. This way, can easily ask one of my contacts. It doesn’t seem so awkward as the entire purpose of Linkedin is to network with other professionals in your extended network.

Alright, enough enough – let’s get to the nitty gritty. How can Linkedin help you.

1.Linkedin has a job search function, which includes the jobs written by other people in your network. The job listing quality of course would depend on the size of your network. So, if your looking for work or a new project – Linkedin is making it easy for you.

2. Likedin makes it easy to find for you to contact friends of friends, with their Inmail program. This would be ideal, if you were looking for a contractor or someone with specific talent to help you or your company with ssomething. With Linkedin, it’s easy to see other people’s work history, what type of projects they are looking for and see what other people think of them. It’s just like a pre-screening process.

If the following doesn’t make you want to sign up for an account, head over to Facebook and hang with your friends. If your into some serious networking tools at your finger tips, jump over to Linkedin and add me as your first friend.

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