Beginners guide to things you can do today to jump into the social media sphere

Everyone seems to be jumping on social media bandwagon these days. So why not keep up with the Jones’?

Here are some things, that you can start today or tonight (depending on what time it is).

1.Join a social media site, whether it be – Facebook, Digg, Small Business Brief or another site, take the plunge and create an account. The key is not to start adding and promoting you own business right away. Start by exploring what the website has to offer, and what type of content it has and contribute honestly.

2. Start a blog. Ok now not everyone should start a blog, because if you can’t write or you don’t have the time to blog (Yes, blogging takes time! – don’t kid yourself) But, if you have the extra time and you like to write – a blog is right up your alley. Take the time to write meaningful posts and don’t use it

3. Get your RSS feed on Feedburner. It’s simple, sign up for an account at Then fill out the form to sign your blog up. Not sure why you need a Feedburner burned feed? Well, if you get your feed burned at Feedburner, it makes it easy to subscribe to your feed. At Feedburner, you can keep track of how many subscribers you have, making it easy to track the popularity of your blog.

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