How to create text with an image background

Here is a tutorial on how to create type with an image background. I am using Photoshop CS3 on Windows.

1. Open an image – any image













2. Duplicate the layer, so that it is not locked. You can duplicate a layer by right clicking on it and selecting “duplicate layer”.

3.You can then delete the original locked layer.

4. The next step is to create a text layer. You can do that by simply selecting the type tool and start typing! In the screen shot below you will see I have written the word, “Northern Voice” and have used an image from the conference.

inserting text













5. The next step is to select the text. We can do that by hitting Ctrl and selecting the type layer. Now the key to this is to hit Ctrl and select the actual box with the T in it, in the layer panel. This will gives us the highlighted outline seen below.

Selected Text













6. Now hear comes the fun part. Select the image layer while the text remains selecting with the racing ants. Then hit Ctrl and J – this commands actually inverts the selection, copies the image layer and deletes the unwanted image. But, don’t worry about that – Ctrl+ J is the easy way. Here is your result.

Result of text image





Good luck with your project and I hope this helps. If you have any questions with this tutorial, please let me know by sending me an email or by leaving a comment. I will be sure to help you as much as I can.

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