My homepage is leaking

Ok well it’s not exactly leaking they way you think it is.

But it is leaking PageRank and inbound links. And this can be issue with all SEs. Many people claim that Google is very good at realizing this although I would have to disagree.

So, this morning I logged into a new clients’ Google webmaster tools and saw that was the highest ranking site on the page last month but this time it is This I found to be alitte disturbing so I of course set out to fix this.

Normally checking the robots.txt is one of the first thing I do with SEO but I have bene busy and this is a new client, I haven’t yet got a chance to comb over the entire site yet. And with over 6,500 pages – I probably never will.

What is homepage leakage? ( that’s what I call it)

It is when you have incoming links to your site’s homepage but some of them go to:

Those links to the search engines represent 4 different pages with duplicate content even though they are the exact same page, just reached differently. Some search catch this, others do not but let’s not take any chances right? Ideally we would want to make sure all those incoming links going to different pages count as one.

To understand why this is important to us as website owners let’s look at how it can us. First of all we know higher page rank gets you higher listings in Google and we also know the more back links the better right?

So let’s look at this scenario:

You have 4 pages. Each has 20 back links to it. Those four pages have a combined number of 80 backlinks. Which do you think has a better chance of ranking? The page with the 80 back links obviously.

What to do about homepage leakage? 

It’s simple, do a 301 re-direct on the pages with the least number of links to the one page with the most. Usually the one with the www. has the most links.

Learn how to do a 301 re-direct on Apache server

Learn how to do a 301 re-direct on Microsoft IIS server

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