How Google handles hacked sites

Hey as you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much as usual. The reason is the summer is usually a very busy time for me, in which i have many horse shows (almost every weekend). Yes I am a computer geek and have a life outside my house!

So my apologizes – my horses come before blogging.

Back on topic  how Google handles hacked websites. I came upon a post in my Google Reader a few weeks back and thought this would be a great post for my blog as I don’t see it discussed very often. I can’t remember exactly who had posted it nor can find the original post.

Matt Cutts explains in a recent post  that sites are temporary removed from the search index, once discovered they have been hacked. He also states they do it because they want to protect the users but… After a brief explanation he did go on to say that once Google knows that the website/blog has been fixed, it only takes 48 hours to be reinserted into the index.

So what to do if your site is hacked and gets kicked out of Google?

1. Fix the problem ASAP. The  longer you are out of the index, the less exposure your getting…

2. Sumit for re inclusion here in your Google webmaster  central

3. Wait a day or so then check the search index again.

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