Content issues – duplicate content

There is some discussion over at Webmaster World Forums about content – a very interesting discussion about copying and pasting of full articles.

However I am not going to discuss exactly what this article discusses. I am going to discuss some general problems that we run into as everyday webmasters about content, content creation, duplication and copyright.

First let’s tackle the duplicate content issue. I will attempt to lay it out in black and white. Search engines don’t like duplicate content. They attempt to find the original source and give credit and rank higher the original source. They find duplicate content but looking at the code of a website and taking out the normal things ( like the header and footer) then they look for the same words, same links, etc…

So we know how SE’s find the content. Why would they find it? Well there are actually people other there that will copy your content word for word and add it to their website. They think it’s pretty good content, so they steal it to help bloat up their site and get links in. It doesn’t exactly work they way they want it to. They might also take blocks of text from your website an use it on their own. I actually had someone take all the content from my homepage and use it on theirs – apparently they were too lazy to write their own.

There are actually some legitimate  reasons why SEs might find some duplicate content as well. One of them is print friendly pages. Every site that create print friendly pages is actually creating pages with the same content as the original page. So what do you? Make sure the SEs don’t find or index the print friendly pages by modifying the robots.txt files

Next post other content issues..

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