What to use for video on your website? Part 2

Well last week I talked about Google video and Youtube. Both are well known and have a large audience already using their websites.

Vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/

This week, I am going to chat about Vimeo. Vimeo is slightly less known than Youtube and Google but from my experience is used most by the more web-savvy group, especially those in the industry. Vimeo allows a free account and has very easy sign-up – only three things to fill in.
The downfall is that, Vimeo only allows 500 MB of video upload per week and can only be for personal non-commercial use.

As you can see the video quality is much the same of the others and the only difference is that Vimeo has nicer default controls. Vimeo has easy embed and share ability but is by default private. To share or embed your video, you must first make the video public. You can do that by clicking share in the video view page and adjusting the settings for now.Between Youtube, Google and Vimeo I am leaning towards Vimeo or Google. The one thing I do not like about Youtube is that after your video, it displays “related” Youtube videos, which is the case where you embed the video this may lead to visitors to the Youtube site instead of staying on yours.



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