3 types of data used in Web Analytics

Web Analytics as you may know is, a way in which we can track and analyze how a website is performing for it’s visitors.

There are three types of data we can use to evaluate the performance.  Those three include web traffic data, web transaction data and web server data and we touch on each of these during this post.

Web Traffic data

The most common source of data used by even the most basic of web analytics’ users. It’s web traffic data and it is actually taken from what is called “web server logs”.  There are many web analytic programs/software out there that takes that data and shows it the user in an easy to read format. An example would be WebTrends.

Some of the things that web traffic data can tell us is how many people have visited a web page, where they came from and how long they spent on the page.

Web Transaction Data

This type of data is found on websites which have some sort of transaction on it. But generally these are ecommerce websites.  Some of the things that would be tracked would be number of customers, average amount of transaction and duration of transaction.

Web server performance data

Web server performance is monitored because is today’s evolving market you need to keeo your website in front of your users eyes. Some of things that are tracked are page weight and load time.

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