Online conversations.. Are we talking about you?

People have conversations online and offline. Unfortunately it’s a little harder to track the offline ones but with the new online tools we are able to track the online ones. As the internet and online promotion evolves a business’ reputation online becomes more important. Now a days, companies need to be more familiar with the tools at their fingertips to help them do that.

Over the last few weeks, I have done some research to make your life easier and I have tested a few tools out for you. Some are useful some are not. 

Trackur has a free 14 day trial available to anyone with an email address. You sign up for an account enter your keywords and your filters and off you go searching for online conversations about you. While I initially enjoyed the ideal of tracking conversations online back when I wrote this post. And I actually still enjoy the idea, I really didn’t think Trackur didn’t quite measure up to the hype. Its indexing abilities I thought were great and but the display options didn’t make it very user frienddly. I have scroll multiple pages of results, I would have really like it better if I could narrow results to that week, a day or even a month, so that I could return back next week and see what has changed.

Overall it was a good inital search of what was said about me on the web but after that it because useless.

Google News

Google news is really like Google Alerts. It is effective but it also has it drawbacks.


Blog pulse results I found to be very inaccurate many of the posts did not contain my keywords and the post that did I have already found through but putting that aside it does offer the ability to create some really nice graphs of the buzz word trend. The charts can compare your keyword against a competitors keywords for a specific period of time.  Which can be very helpful in your overall marketing campaign.

Blog pulse also has blog pulse profiles which is where you can track a certain blog they say, ” Blogger Profiles allows users to find more information about a specific blog or blogger—who authors it, how active the blog is, how it ranks in comparison with other blogs, what it’s about, etc. Many people have questions about who bloggers are and how much influence they wield. BlogPulse Profiles provide basis metrics and analysis to begin to answer those questions.”  I was very interesting in seeing the “neighbourhoods” they hope totrack – very interesting data to be able to see although I am not sure if it’s relevant besides knowing how is linking to them and how the blogger is linking to.

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