Web 2.0 Transparency – in business

Transparency is a word I seem to be using quite often these days. Transparency is something that my generation (Gen Y for those of you how don’t know) think is second nature. We didn’t grow up thinking we had to separate our work from our play. We don’t think we are different people at work and someone else at home. I am just me, that’s what you get. That’s our motto.

What are some of the things someone would do that is not worried with being transparent to the world? They add their friends from work and their other friends to the same facebook account, you hang out with friends from work, you tell people about yourself and your hobbies, post your blog link on the company blog.

Transparency = Authenticy

In the online word to be anyone who is respected and trusted you need to be transparent. My generation – who by the way are the newest bloggers – can smell a lie a mile away. We know when things aren’t quite right, we know when you’re full of shit and we don’t mind calling you on. People in general don’t like to end up with egg on their face, so in general they flock to people are authentic, thus transparent.

Where the heck is she going with this?

Well like I have said I have been saying the word transparency to many people these past couple of weeks. I have be trying to explain why it is important as a business, who at the end of the day is really people behind a business, to be transparent. Well if your target market and your employees are the Gen Y generation, there’s no sense. If you want to appeal to them – be transparent.

If you say it how it is, are honest about expectations, yourself, and you’re intentions us GenYers are going to see that. In turn we trust you and want to do business or work for you.

On the other hand, if you’re blogging and sending every blog post thru a rigorous approval process, that’s not transparency and we’ll see that too. If you’re not transparent, we’re not just gonna notice it either – we’re going to tell our 500 friends on facebook and myspace that you’re fake.

And you wouldn’t want that to happen would you??

Now as a business why is this important to you? Well you want to be have an online presence just like any other business right? Except maybe you want to do it better… Well I hope you do! Think of it this way, as a consumer don’t you think you’d like the company face that you see to be the true face? I do.

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