Failure is a requirement


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I just finished reading an excellent article by Jared Spool, whom by the way is my favorite usability guru… titled, ”
Failure Is Not an Option — It’s a Requirement

I think it’s really great that people can turn a failed project into a learning lesson. I do however have to disagree with the fact that we learn more with failure than with success. I believe we learn just a much with success as failure. You may make more time to learn why you failed then why you succeed but, when you succeed you spend more time during the actual project to make sure things are done properly so you don’t fail.

Jared goes on to speak about the slow and steady process of releasing a site or changes. I wish more companies used this process to launch projects instead of just launching a new site all at once. I think seeing what Amazon did as a success and following along in their foot steps in a great way to go at this point. It’s obvious if there were problems they would stop the entire process.

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