Twitter and how it made my life more simple

My Twitter Class of ’08

Originally uploaded by mallix

Some of you who are following me on Twitter will know I have been more actively involved in my twitter account. That’s because I have been doing some research on using twitter. I really wasn’t all that impressed with Twitter in the beginning as I couldn’t see the point in only blogging 187 characters ( not 100% sure on the number) but now that I have got into and learned how to use the @ replies and direct messages I am kind of liking it.

Also, for more of the corporate person – Twitterberry is app that you add to your blackberry and twitter from there. This made twittering alot easier . I also then went on Facebook and added Twitter which makes Twitter feed my facebook status. So at the end of the day my life is simpler.

Next I am on to add Tweet Later. I have just installed it now, so I won’t know the results for a few days.

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