CanUX2008 – Preconference

Well, I have arrived in Banff, after a a 2 hour drive from Calgary in the snoow and delayed flight.  All in all I am here. The accommodations, are interesting. I didn’t know the Banff Centre is mostly a conference center and not really a hotel. Well it is a hotel but just doesn’t advertise as a hotel. If I were describing it I would say it’s like going back to University- in dorms. There a many very confusing buildings and rooms. So confsing they actually have someone outside to help you get to your destination.

On to the preconference – I  thought I should attend the pre-conference so I could study up on the UE design terminology before the actual conference. But was surprised to find that my thoughts are in align with others and it wasn’t as basic as originally assumed. I was very much surprised at the amount of materials we received. We received two books. One by Adaptive Path and the other by  Steve Krug.

The sessions were very interactive and alot of fun.  I really enjoyed them. Unfortunately I had to duck out of the slam presentations to finish a project plan.

Some of the topics, we discussed were:

  •  Ways to gain buy in from clients on the whole process
  • What exactly design means to us and what it means to everyone else
  • Work flows
  • Wireframes
  • UsabilityTesting
  • The tools to use
  • Behaviour interviews
  • How to interview
  • KJ analysis (much like the Mental Model)

We’ll  discuss all of these things in detail in other posts.

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