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CanUX 2008

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CanUx 2008, in Banff AB was very informative and filled with many fun activities. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in User Experience. I have to admit however if you go next year, to understand that the Banff Centre is much like a University Campus.

I am very happy to be home and you, as a reader can still reap the benefits as I will be blogging about topics discussed at the conference. Unfortunately I was unable to live blog. There were too many interactive sessions for me to keep up with.

First I want to touch on exactly what a user experience is. I touched on this is my article, “What type of designer are you?” The truth is tons of people say they are Experience designers and honestly that is just not the case.

Let’s look at wikipedia’s definition for user experience:

User experience is a term used to describe the overall experience and satisfaction a user has when using a product or system. It most commonly refers to a combination of software and business topics, such as selling over the web, but it applies to any result of interaction design. Wikipedia definition

I think the wikipedia definition is pretty explanatory but,  user experince encompasses the entire experince the user has. That can mean how they felt after phoning your company or that they felt comfortable submitting a form on your website. But, most importantly it is any interaction with your company.

So you’re probably wondering what makes an Experience designer?

An Experience designer is someone who approachs design in a way to create the best experience for the end user. Experience design is also known as brand experience, customer experience design and experimental design. Experience designers use a multitude of design techniques to create usable, user centered interfaces based on research and user input upon many other things.

Experience design needs to include a few main key points:

  • Ease of interaction with the product
  • Quick response from product
  • An intuitive interface/workflow
  • The completeness of information
  • A short learning curve for the end user/ a user who does not experience a learning curve
  • An inviting interface for the user
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