Have visited links disappeared?

Lately I have been doing some usability testing and reviewing a large amount of other sites and one of the things that I noticed was that the visited links has but disappeared.

I am not sure why maybe designers don’t think it’s important. Maybe they just forgot. The truth is visted links is not just important for usability. It’s important for accessibility as well.

Let’s review some of the more visited sites and see what they have.

AndrewGill.com – I pulled this on out of my Google reader

Andrew Gill

In the Andrew Gill screen capture I have actually visited that blog post. So ideally the title would be a different shade than the other links. In  this case – its not. Shame on you Andrew Gill.


Even Apple isn’t using visited links. Maybe because they are too into style and looks ????


Techvibes  – I really had high hopes for Techvibes. I thought for sure they would be using a different style for visited links.

Websites that are styling their visited links:

Globe and Mail Newspaper

As you can see the link has changed on this photo to a different shade, it’s not as noticeable but when you are looking for a article which you have already looked at – it sticks out. With a website that is as content heavy as a newspaper website – highlighting the visited links in almost a no brianer when it comes to design but yet so many designers are not doing it. Globe and Mail – you get a gold star!


Alexa is also ahead of the crowd, showing visitors where they have been.

If you know of any other websites, let me know. I would love to check them out as well….

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