Good Usability – Top ten rules from a user’s perspective

I have been searching the net for some time looking for some examples of good usability posts and what that means to share with some co-workers. That way it wouldn’t sound like I was making this all up. I was unable to find any suitable to send them and thought – maybe other people are having the same problem?

So I’ve included a list of top ten things I ensure before anything else. In my next post I’ll dig more deeply into each element and how it should work.  If your site didn’t meet all my top ten list items, then hold on for next week when I talk about some more of site examples.
Here are my top ten rules of good usability from a user’s perspective

  1. Site must quickly load – If I can’t see it I won’t like it
  2. Up-to-date content and news -Your content is stale so must  your business.
  3. Easy to navigate – If I can’t find it I can’t like it
  4. Keep design simple and consistent across website – I need to know where I am so I’ll remember to buy from you.
  5. Clearly show contact information – If I don’t know who to contact you – how do I give you my money???
  6. Provide the same experience across  all browsers -If your site breask in my browser – I’ll go to the next website – SIMPLE
  7. Minimal animation. And always allow users to stop/start it. – How I am suppose to concentrate on your product with all the moving advertisements?
  8. Use descriptive text for links -Click here tells me nothing I am not convinced…
  9. Open all PDFS or links to another site in a new window– OH weare goin somewhere else. I’ll close that to get ack to your site.

Please feel free to post comments, questions or links to good/bad examples of usability.

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