Mobify me at Interaction 09


If you read my blog at all you’ll know that I attended Interaction 09 here in Vancouver.  One of the presenters was a local company They mentioned a term that I greatly respected. The statement was it’s not the “Mobile Web” like everyone said but it’s the “Web on Mobile” They made a great point it’s not like there are two internets. There is one Internet and we are viewing it on our mobile devices.

Here i

s the breakdown though: basically offers a web-based CMS system that can set up a mobile website for you. In this post. I’ll step you through the process that I went thru to MOBIFY

  1. Create an account – Just enter your email and agree to the terms of service. You’ll then get a activation email. Click the link, enter the old password from the email and then enter a new password.
  2. Add a site
  3. Select the elements you would like to include with your mobile site
  4. Add design elements to your mobile site
  5. Deploy – upload your mobile site.

I tested mine on both Blackberry and Iphone. They seem to work very nicely – although I haven’t added much design around them.

Try your site today!

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