Add a poll to a Facebook page

1. Go to

2. Click Add to My Page


3. Choose your page, then close.

4. Go to your page (ie. Delta Riding Club) The poll application now is in the tabs at the top.


5. Click on the Poll tab at the top of your page

6. Click Create A Poll on the right hand side

7. Fill out the form. Click Submit


8. Publish your poll


9. Invite your friends to take the poll. Currently you can send only 6 invites

10. And here is the result


11. Now to check your results, visit your page and click the Poll tab then on the right hand side click My polls
12. This is where you can edit your polls, see what the results are and send it to more people.

A note about polls:
If you create multiple polls for a page only the last one will display.

To REMOVE the Poll from page you have to click ‘Delete’ on polls results page and click ‘X’ on the page. If poll comes back do it again as you may have created more polls for the page and deleted only the last.

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