A review of Online Dating sites post 1 of 3

Now, those of you who know me – know I have been dating. And those of you who know me just a little bit know I am quite aggressive. So once I was single I decided to try online dating. I didn’t just date a couple of people, I was serious about it. My girlfriend, Melanie calls it power dating. I managed to go on 2-3 dates  per week. I think that’s quite a bit considering online you need to first chat with them for awhile before actually meeting them. Ok so off we go with my review. First let’s outline the sites I used.


They eharmony_myhomesay, At eHarmony, our patented Compatibility Matching System® narrows the field from millions of candidates to a highly select group of singles that are compatible with you. Unlike other sites where you can post a picture and paragraph and then browse the profiles of other users, eHarmony does the matching for you based on 29 DimensionsTM of personality that are scientifically-based predictors of long-term relationship success.

You are probably wondering – is this true??? Here is the scoop. I smoke. They matched me with people who smoked or didn’t mind smokers. Not rocket science right? Well….they couldn’t for the life of them figure out that height was important to me. (Ummm if your 5’8″ and I wear heels you look like a dwarf). They continously matched me with guys who were 5″8″ and 5’6″. I was starting to wonder where all the tall guys went… They even managed to match me with a guy who was 5’4″. Do they even make those anymore? They must- they are on eharmony.

I have to admit I did really enjoy the “Guided Communication” process of eharmony. What is guided communication? First you read their profile, then you ask them 5 questions, they answer, you send must haves – can’t stands, they send theirs, you send 3 paragraph questions, they send theirs, then you enter open communication which is much like facebook messaging. (see screenshot below of guided communication)

Type of people?eharmony_guided

Girls are definitely wondering – what type of guys are there on eharmony? My opinion guys that are a little more serious about a long term relationship then you will find on the free sites. And yes I’ve been there as well. And lots of short guys.


Here it comes the web person in me? Was the site usable? Totally the site was mostly well designed. The landing page is easy to use,  seems to have everything I need right there. My only complaint about the usability of the website was that to close a match you need to scroll to the bottom of their profile and click “Close Match” then select a reason then click, “Close”. When in reality there should be a button beside there name to close in your matches list. For example if I see that Mark, in Redwater BC is a match and I don’t even know where RedWater is then I want to delete him… Make it easy for me eharmony.ca

End result/My review

We don’t know yet. I met 2 very nice guys and I’ll let you know how it works out.  Overall I give the site a 3.5 out of 5. Good site- great ideas. Greatness is a little exaggerated and matching system is not up to snuff. But the quality of the people seemed to be there I mean I am on there.

Stay tuned for plentyoffish.com and lavalife.com

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